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Program Commemoration ceremonies

Sunday, 15 May 2022
CC Memorial

International Youth Commemoration


Commemoration at the Memorial for Roma and Sinti during the International Commemoration and Liberation Ceremony

Organiser: Cultural Association of Austrian Roma.

Wailing Wall
Gedenkkundgebung-Klagemauer-Mauthausen (C) MKÖ/H.Grünn

Memorial rally

for the 42 resistance fighters murdered on April 28, 1945. Organizer: KZ-Verband/VdA Upper Austria.

Chapel in the Memorial
09:45 - 10:30

Ecumenical service

with Bishop Dr. Manfred SCHEUER, Bishop Mag. Michael CHALUPKA and a clergyman of the Orthodox Church.

International Liberation Ceremony
Internationale Befreiungsfeier Mauthausen Oberösterreich (C) MKÖ

International Commemoration and Liberation Ceremony 2022 "Political Resistance"

On the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Mauthausen Concentration Camp, the International Liberation Ceremony will once again take place in the form of a commemorative procession without limitation of people at Mauthausen Concentration Camp Memorial - dedicated to the thematic focus "Political Resistance". The reference to the present time is also an essential focus of this year's event. More information on and

The celebration will be subject to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

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Wednesday, 26 January 2022
Aschach a.d. Donau
War memorial opposite Kurzwernhartplatz 7
Gedenken-AschachDonau-Oberöstereich (C) MKÖ / Robert Eiter

Commemoration of the Victims of National Socialism

Invitation to a vigil on the occasion of the international Holocaust Memorial Day. Welcome: Dietmar GROISS - mayor of the town of Aschach by the Danube; Speeches: Robert EITER - MKÖ board member and spokesperson of the Upper Austrian Network against Racism and Right-Wing Extremism; Maria HASIBEDER - president of the Katholische Aktion OÖ; Anne-Sophie BAUER - Member of the State Parliament for the Green Party; Closing remarks: Thomas ANTLINGER - Member of the State Parliament and District Councillor for the Social Democratic Party in Grieskirchen/Eferding; Music: Pichler Truhlar Music.

Thursday, 27 January 2022
Hans-Gasser Platz 3
Gedenkveranstaltung-Villach-Kärnten (C) MKÖ / H. Haider
17:00 - 18:00

International Holocaust Remembrance Day - "Together against antisemitism"

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, the liberation day of the concentration camp Auschwitz by the Red Army, a vigil for the victims of National Socialism is invited. The many millions of people murdered by the terror regime will be remembered together. Address: Univ. Prof. (i.R.) Dr. Werner WINTERSTEINER, Organizers: Association "Remember-Villach", Villach Greens, Welcome Neighbor,

It is requested that the currently valid COVID-19 security measures be observed.

Heldenplatz, virtual
virtuelle-Gedenkveranstaltung-Heldenplatz-Wien (C) MKÖ/

Never forget: No trivialisation of the Holocaust - Commemoration on the Occasion of the International Holocaust Memorial Day

at Heldenplatz and video projections at numerous locations in Vienna.

The trivialisation of the Shoa, the terrible crimes of National Socialism, through false comparisons must not be accepted in silence. Due to the Corona pandemic, the trivialisation of the crimes of the National Socialists has become widespread.

Due to the current pandemic situation, this year's event will again be mainly online. On January 27, 2022, there will be a very small event at Heldenplatz, which will be streamed on Facebook and thus can be followed. The recorded interviews will be projected at different locations in Vienna on the evening of January 27. In the video projections, contemporary witnesses and their grandchildren will speak at prominent locations in Vienna about what happened historically and currently in different contexts and what they would like to pass on to all of us. More information on

Wednesday, 2 February 2022
Memorial for Peace
Gedenkfeier-Gallneukirchen-Oberoesterreich (C) MKOE/Rupert Huber

Commemoration at the Memorial for Peace

Remembrance of the victims of the manhunt in February 1945.

Memorial Stone
Gedenkveranstaltung-Gallneukirchen-Oberoesterreich-(c) Rupert Huber

Commemoration at the Memorial Stone

Remembrance of the victims of NS euthanasia 1940-1944.

Donausaal Mauthausen
Gedenkveranstaltung Donausaal Mauthausen (C) MKÖ

3 PFIFFE - An evening of literature and music, about moral courage, and resistance.

Cultural Event and Commemoration in Memory of the Mühlviertel Manhunt. Reading by actor Gregor SEBERG, music by singer and musician Sigrid HORN.

Saturday, 26 February 2022
Memorial plaque Maria-Caesar-Park
Gedenkveranstaltung-Graz-Liebenau-Steiermark (C) MKÖ

Commemoration at the memorial plaque Maria-Ceasar-Park

to the Nazi victims of the death march of Hungarian Jews, the murdered in the Liebenau camp and those nameless dead who are still buried at Grünanger. The women in the camp who had to undergo forced abortions and cruel experimental medical operations at the Graz Women's Clinic will be remembered. Speakers: Elke KAHR - Mayor of the City of Graz, Werner ANZENBERGER - Regional Representative Mauthausen Komitee-Süd, Bund Sozialistischer Freiheitskämpfer, Councillor Tristan AMMERER - Grazer Grüne, Rainer POSSERT - Obmann Gedenkinitiativen Graz-Liebenau.

Wednesday, 2 March 2022
Political Ash Wednesday, Bildungshaus Schloss Puchberg
Political Ash Wednesday Wels © MKÖ / Antifa Wels

12th Political Ash Wednesday at Bildungshaus Schloss Puchberg

Guest speaker: Journalist and writer Dr. Robert MISIK. In conversation with the former chairman of the Wels Initiative against Fascism Robert EITER about current issues such as dealing with conspiracy theories, right-wing populism, the state of democracy and much more. Afterwards, as always, there will be an opportunity for audience discussion.
Free admission, Donations are encouraged.

Saturday, 19 March 2022
Municipal office Rechnitz

Lecture - "The Search for the Victims of the Kreuzstadl Massacre of March 1945"

On behalf of the the Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments, Mag. Nikolaus FRANZ and his team have conducted extensive research on the Kreuzstadl massacre. Their research started in 2013 and six search excavations have been carried out since. In this lecture he will report on geographical, geological, historical and current problems in the search for the graves. In cooperation with the municipality of Rechnitz

Thursday, 24 March 2022
City Hall Oberwart
17:00 - 21:00

Conference "(Not) A Success Story - Decades of searching for a Grave"

In March 1945, up to 200 Hungarian Jewish forced laborers were murdered near the Kreuzstadl in Rechnitz. The RE.F.U.G.I.U.S. association, founded 30 years ago, commemorates the victims with annual memorial ceremonies at the Kreuzstadl.
The primary goal of the association is to find the place where the dead were buried and to give the dead a dignified burial place. With former Federal President Dr. Heinz FISCHER, video contributions of a descendant of victims of the Kreuzstadl massacre DR. Gábor VADÁSZ, Community Rabbi of the Jewish Community Vienna and Provincial Rabbi for Burgenland Schlomo HOFMEISTER Msc, Zuzanna DZIUBAN (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Cultural Studies and History of Theater, ERC Project Globalised Memorial Museums), Chairman of the Association RE.F.U.G.I.U.S Paul GULDA. Walter REISS will moderate the evening.