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Mauthausen Oath, 16 May 1945

"The gates to one of the worst and most bloody concentration camps are being opened: those of Mauthausen. We are about to return to our countries that have been liberated from Fascism, which had spread itself in every direction. The liberated prisoners, just as long ago as yesterday, menaced with death by the hands of the executioner of the Nazi beast, give thanks, from the bottom of their hearts for the liberation made possible by the victorious allied nations, and greet people of every nation with the cry of freedom attained once again.

The permanence in the camp, lasting years, has reinforced in our minds the knowledge of the value of brotherhood among the people of all nations. "True to these ideals, we make a solemn oath to continue to fight, firm and united, against imperialism and against the instigation of hatred between peoples. Just as the common effort of all of the peoples of the world was able to liberate us from the menace of the prepotency of Hitler, we must consider the liberty obtained with struggle as a common source for every people.

Peace and freedom are the only guarantees for the happiness of people of every nation, and the reconstruction of the world on a new basis of social and national justice is the only way towards the pacific collaboration between states and peoples. After having obtained our coveted freedom and after our nations have obtained freedom with armed struggle, we wish to:

Conserve the international solidarity of the camp in our memories and to derive from it the necessary lessons; follow a common path; the one of freedom - indispensable for every population, of reciprocal respect, of collaboration in the great work of constructing a new world that is free and just for all. We will forever remember the many terrible sacrifices that the conquest of this new world has cost for every nation.

In memory of the blood shed by all peoples, in memory of the millions of brothers assassinated by Nazi-Fascism, we solemnly swear to never abandon this path. We want to erect the most beautiful monument that one could dedicate to the soldiers who have fallen for the cause of freedom of the international community on a secure basis:


"We direct ourselves to the entire world, shouting: help us in this work!
"Long live international solidarity!
"Long live freedom!"