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Thematic focus

Every year since 2006, the commemoration and liberation ceremonies have been dedicated to a special topic dealing with the history of the Mauthausen concentration camp and Austria's Nazi past. The contemporary relevance of the year's theme is of particular importance, especially for young people in order to establish a connection to their own world of experience.

The thematic focus in 2024 is dedicated to the topic of "Law and Justice in National Socialism".

Find more information here: Law and Justice in National Socialism (PDF)

All thematic focuses

  • 2024: Law and Justice in National Socialism (PDF)
  • 2023: Civil Courage (PDF)
  • 2022: Political Resistence (PDF)
  • 2021: Destroyed Diversity (PDF)
  • 2020: Humanity without borders (PDF)
  • 2019: Never a number. Forever human. (PDF)
  • 2018: Esacpe and Home (PDF)
  • 2017: Internationality Unites
  • 2016: International Solidarity
  • 2015: Quarry and Forced Labout
  • 2014: Worthy of life
  • 2013: Rescuers
  • 2012: Racist Persecution – from exclusion to annihilation. The persecution of the European Jews and the Roma and Sinti.
  • 2011: The network of terror
  • 2010: Children and young people in Mauthausen Concentration Camp
  • 2009: Resistance to National Socialism on religious grounds
  • 2008: European Resistance and Mauthausen Concentration Camp
  • 2007: Artists and Academics in Mauthausen Concentration Camp
  • 2006: Women in Mauthausen Concentration Camp